Have a Reading Record


I am reminded of the times many years ago, when I told my students to have a reading record during the holidays.

So here I am right now, to ‘walk the talk’.

Having your own personal reading record would help you be aware of the different titles and genres you’ve read. To realise whether you’ve been reading well and be references when you are yourself, a writer.

It is also one of the sharing tips I’ve always shared to schools – Read, Read, Read. Which of course, significant for us as Muslims, IQRA’!

Do you practise this? Here’s a link from a fellow writer, Rahmah Mokhtar, sharing her tips at sekolahpenulisan.com. Her article today – 6 reasons why fiction writers need to have a reading record. It’s in Malay though. 🙂

Read: Enam sebab penulis fiksyen perlu menyediakan rekod bacaan

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